Bold and Beautiful

How many beautiful women and handsome men. But who can guarantee the beautiful women and handsome men also have a heart and good behavior? Even often beautiful women and handsome men are like the sweet fruit outside but no worm in it. Because of that, and not any beautiful women and men nan nan stacked so that a suitable partner for those who admire and are interested in it.
Physically, Jennifer Lopez is beautiful. Perhaps there are people who do not reject it. Physically, Brad Pitt also very handsome. However, let us think more. Often we admire the physical beauty of a person because we actually do not really know more details and closer to the people. We know only through television, tabloids, magazines and other mass media. There is a far distance between ourselves with objects that our people admire physical beauty. There are the make-up, camera angle, landing style, and others that make someone appear beautiful or handsome. Even he may just not the environment we imagine.
Because we know more in less of the people we admire the beauty of the physical, so we do not even know the negative things that also are owned by people we admire it. Perhaps only a Luna Maya, for example, does not appear to be beautiful if he sleeps with a new face creased without make up and hair is untidy. Similarly, a Tora Sudiro may not appear to be stacked in the eyes when we know he is drunk stagger away in the fall of a dirty drain.
Assessment of beauty or handsomeness someone also associated with inner beauty and behavior. In other languages, there is inner beauty. Therefore, many people, including me, also no longer considered “beautiful” to the Siti Nurhaliza when she “seize” the husband. While physical beauty is not complemented by the beauty and behavior, then it is time, the physical beauty become less meaningful. Physical beauty is not more of a temptation for those who toil mengaguminya. Beauty of a Astri Ivo using closed clothes and never heard problematic in the household, about 180 degrees different with the beauty of a Pamela Anderson that interfaces dent body and the shattered house. A beauty that is calm, beauty is the only cause anxiety because of her sexual appeal.
On the other hand, a beauty or handsomeness admire other people, it should also be aware that not necessarily admired people who really fit with himself. Someone should have to learn to receive what the spouse who is supporting himself. We may partner is not as beautiful or handsome artist that we admire. However, we have really experienced and feel the love, goodness, love and our partner for this. While the people we admire beauty is not necessarily as it’s now.
So let, we learn to accept what the conditions with our partner for this. Javanese people say it with the term nrimo. Arabs say it qana’ah. Nothing beautiful women if he interfaces beauty to every man with a flirtatious behavior. There is no loyalty in love that he hold tight. Nothing that handsome man if he himself only utilize the smartness to hurt many women’s hearts. He spread a lot of love for the cast to many women.